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CSR Council

In order to institutionalize the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities undertaken by the corporates/industries in the districts of the state and across welfare sectors with different priorities and initiatives, the Government has constituted CSR Council on 27-Jun-2017 under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary with the following members and recommend the same to the corporates for undertaking the CSR activities

1 Chief Secretary Chairperson
2 Development Commissioner Member
3 Principal Secretary, Finance Department Member
4 Principal Secretary, R&DM Department Member
5 Principal Secretary, Steel & Mines Department Member
6 Principal Secretary, R.D. Department Member
7 Principal Secretary, Industries Department Member
8 Commissioner-cum Secretary H&F.W. Department Member
9 Commissioner-cum Secretary SD&T.E. Department Member
10 Commissioner-cum Secretary W&CD Department Member
11 Commissioner-cum Secretary, P.R. Department Member
12 Commissioner-cum Secretary, S&ME Department Member
13 Managing Director, OMC Member
14 Chairman-cum-Managing Director, NALCO Member
15 Odisha State Head, Tata Steel Member
16 Odisha State Head, Bhushan Power & Steel Member
17 Odisha State Head, Jindal Steel & Power Member
18 Odisha State Head, Vedanta Member
19 Odisha State Head, Mahanadi Coal Fields Ltd Member
20 Odisha State Head, HINDALCO Member
21 Odisha State Head, SAIL Member
22 Odisha State Head, JK Paper Ltd. -Member Member
23 Sri Devi Prasad Mishra, E.D., Gram Vikash -Member Member
24 Sanjit Kumar Behera, Director, Practical Action Foundation, India Member

CSR Council Resolution :

The functions of CSR Council are to:

  • Approve the list of projects shared by district administration and the projects identified by departments at the state level to prioritize the projects
  • Biannually assess the CSR activities in the state vis a vis the developmental agenda
  • Encourage corporates to undertake baseline and impact assessment studies in respect of projects taken up in line with the state’s developmental agenda.
  • Review the information reported by Corporates regarding CSR activities and serve as a feedback to the corporates on the efficacy of CSR interventions
  • Assess the good practices followed by corporates which could be replicated in the state
  • Institutionalize Annual CSR paper and CSR awards

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