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: Sports Training (Under-10 football coaching etc)
: Three years back, Tata Steel Rural Development Society took an initiative to run under-10 football coaching centres in different locations in Odisha to identify raw talent from the hinterland. Presently 12 such centres are being run in Odisha where a total of 315 boys are undergoing training. Of those, two are in Bamnipal (Rasol and Tangariapal), four in Kalinganagar (Dakshinposi, Baghuapal, Nakadei and Mirgichera), two in Joda (Bamebari and Joda basti) and four in Sukinda (Garamia, Kalarangiatta, Katepurty Nagar and Kakudia). Each centre has 25-30 boys.The under-10 football coaching centres are not only honing the soccer skills of rural children but also teaching them to become disciplined in daily life. It has been more three two years since the project was started in FY 2013-14. Apart from coaching, the players are given healthy diet every day to make them physically strong. Coaching is held only before or after the school hours for four days in a week so that their education is not disturbed. In fact, the coach at every centre ensures that each boy attends his school regularly.Every year trials are held at Jamshedpur in which all the boys who are undergoing the coaching take part and compete for place in Tata Football Academy (TFA). Efforts are also made to place the kids in some of the reputed football academies in the country.
: Danagadi,Sukinda
Financial YearAmount Spent (in INR lakhs)
2015-16 29.00
2016-17 52.00
2014-15 67.00
Total Amount Spent 148.00

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