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Kishori Express - a friend in need

Simarani Nayak is just 18 years now & is +2 pass student. She is the daughter of Sri Lambodar Behera from Kosala village of Chhendipada Block, Angul, who works as a carpenter in the nearby area. They are a family of five and hail from BPL category. Traditionally they are from an artisan family, but they are not into the occupation anymore. Simarani’s grandmother gets the widow pension & the family get PDS facility too. We experienced their poverty, seeing their thatched house and lifestyle. When finances matter and people are struggling to meet both ends, health and health-seeking behavior takes a backseat.

Amidst such conditions, Kishori Express reached their village as per schedule. She learnt about the Kishori express from the AWW and ASHA of her village who shared that all adolescent girls have to assemble at the AWC on that day. She received the services of Kishori Express 1st on 27/04/2011. Almost 23 girls had come to see the express and learn about the facilities. Her blood sample was drawn to check the hb level which was very low i.e. 7.8%. Simarani said she was earlier unaware about the reasons of anemia which was explained to her. Because of her low Hb she was feeling very weak. Gradually following the advise of Kishori express staff, she ate a lot of greens, balanced diet, took care of her hygiene along with IFA tablets. Her Hb level rose gradually and she felt healthy. The lady staff in the vehicle put them at ease in understanding health issues & we kept on probing about anemia, symptoms, and cure. They also explained us the importance of personal hygiene, the need to keep oneself clean during periods. Her hb as per the test was 7.8% and & gradually it increased to 12.5% on her last visit i.e. on 06/09/2012. She weighs 45 kgs now after following the advise of the Kishori Express didi’s. She received the benefits in the year 2011 when her hb was 7.8 and within a year her hb increased to 12.5. We were oriented as to what is anaemia, why it is harmful and how it can be treated.

Simarani says " I had no idea about hb level in blood, anaemia till Kishori express staff explained that to us. As a girl I had idea about what to eat and how to take care of my hygiene. The quiz that is run is very enlightening. As advised consumed 100 IFA tablets, ate lot of green leafy vegetables, and planted the green leaf seed kit. It made a drastic effect on my life. Now my Hb level is 12.5%. all credit goes to Kishori express”

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